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•Canadian-Irish artist

•Born 1983 in London,Ontario

•Presently based in Montreal, Quebec

•Abstract and figurative collage, illustration and design for over 25 years •Professional and academic background in video and art direction

•From a family of artists and writers

•Studios in Mile-End & Mont-Tremblant 

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Artist Statement

I began my career in experimental and commercial video editing and approach my artistic and collage practice with the eye of a video editor, treating each element in my artwork like an actor in a scene.


My work comes from a place between diary and dream where I present the seen and the unseen, the physical and the intangible, together. I capture changes within, whether It is a moment of self-growth, a moment of intuition, the feeling of being thirsty in the bath or the instant when an idea sparks.


I am constantly balancing the beautiful, absurd and familiar using emotions like hues on a colour wheel.


A combination of techniques are used in my work, from creating abstract works to searching for old books of music and other unique treasures. When I search for an object I also search for the story associated with it. I then rip and tear these varying elements in order to build them back up, like scenes in a film, into a final form through a process of layering.


My work is about searching and giving a second life to forgotten objects. It is organic and intuitive, it is about shining a light on the invisible and connecting on the things we cannot easily describe or see. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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